Every Week's a Charm Bracelet

This light and casual bronze chain holds 4 glass bead charms, one for each week of your monthly cycle. Each glass bead charm has a lobster clasp for easy removal and attachment. 

The idea is to wear one charm at a time, representing the week you are in. In this way you are not only reminded when you look at it to think about the phase you're in, but it can also communicate to your partner where you are in your cycle rhythm.  

Red: Week 1, Fall; resting; bleeding

Blue: Week 2, Winter; building uterine lining and maturing eggs; waxing gibbous moon energy; romance, date week, attracting a mate or attracting clients to your business with networking; building in light

Green: Week 3, Spring; expressing; ovulation, full moon energy, standing in your truth, authenticity, wise woman, world leader

Bright Pink & Fire: Week 4, Summer; the "firewalk"; focus, facing your fears; survival; struggle and initiation. 2 beads on this one.


For more information, please consider purchasing the book, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks.

Custom designed for 4s4w by Suzanne Mathis McQueen and Joy Light

Skillfully handcrafted by Joy Light.

  • bronze bracelet chain
  • 5 glass beads
  • lobster clasps





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