Frosted Glass 4s4w Weekly Tracking Bracelet


  • antiqued fine silver bracelet chain
  • 5 frosted glass beads (2 combined for Week 4) finished with tiny same color beads.
  • lobster clasps
  • clasp closure: "bar and ring" toggle 
  • no two beads or bracelets alike
  • expertly crafted in Oregon, USA

    This is a very cool, chunky piece.

    That's because it begins with an amazing chain. It's a Hill Tribes piece, antiqued fine silver, 8mm engraved rolo. What that means is that the magic is in the details. Wear this with your jeans and a t-shirt or Bohemian finest and cowgirl boots. 

    It holds four frosted glass bead charms, one for each week of your monthly cycle. Each charm has a lobster clasp for easy removal and attachment and finished with tiny same color beads for extra security. The Bar and Ring Toggle closure has two ring choices for tightening or loosening. 

    I chose the frosted beads for its "beach glass" look and feel. For me, it reminds me of our connection with the wild and salty waters of Mama Ocean and the sacred amniotic waters of our wombs. Each female can learn to surf the waves of her personal female ocean will ease, grace, and skill.

    The idea is to wear one charm at a time, representing the cycle week you are in. In this way you are not only reminded to think about the phase you're in, but it can also communicate to your partner where you are at in your cycle rhythm for good alignment between the two of you.  

    You may, of course, wear all of the beads at the same time or whatever configuration you like, if you choose. Just know that this bracelet holds the same kind of power as the moon glistening on the sea. I mean it. 

    Here's what each bead represents. Dust off your 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks book for more info and guidance. 

    Red: Week 1, Fall; resting; bleeding

    Blue: Week 2, Winter; building uterine lining and maturing eggs; waxing gibbous moon energy; romance, date week, attracting a mate or attracting clients to your business with networking; building in light

    Green: Week 3, Spring; expressing; ovulation, full moon energy, standing in your truth, authenticity, wise woman, world leader

    Orange and Fire Pink: Week 4, Summer; the "Firewalk"; focus, facing your fears; survival; struggle and initiation. TWO beads on this one, representing the extra mile one has to go during this week.


    Visioned and designed for 4s4w by Suzanne Mathis McQueen and Joy Light

    Beautifully handcrafted by designer Joy Light.

    For more information on the 4s4w Jewelry Collection, go HERE.


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