The Visionary: Week 1, Fall by Mara Friedman

I commissioned four pieces from Mara Friedman, exclusively for 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks. I asked her to put specific aspects into the pieces, and also asked her to tap into her own  inner knowing. It was a beautiful collaboration. 

"The Visionary" represents the bleeding time and resting phase. It holds the internal energy of the new moon. When one gets the proper amount of rest during this time, her greatest visions and ideas will come.

This is a time of releasing all that no longer serves. It is also a time to honor the ancestors, your bloodline (known or unknown), the time when the veils are thinnest. What gifts have they given you? What ancestral pains are they asking you to heal for the good of the family lineage in order to contribute to a healthier future? - Suz xoxo

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