The Goddess: Week 3, Spring by Mara Friedman

I commissioned four pieces from Mara Friedman, exclusively for 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks. I asked her to put specific aspects into the pieces, and also asked her to tap into her own  inner knowing. It was a beautiful collaboration. 

The Goddess represents perfect Earth/Spirit alignment; the time when your mature, Queen Bee egg bursts out of her follicle in fullest expression, full moon energy at ovulation. The possibility of a sperm and an egg coming together is as primordial as it gets. The potential of creation is as spiritual as it gets. This is YOU at the height of your sacred cycle.

The days following ovulation are ones of caring, balance, and inclusive leadership. Your body is waiting to find out whether it is pregnant or not (which can take around 6 days), so in the meantime, your cycle is showing you that mothering the world in the wisest and most powerful of ways is not only your birthright, but an innate skill should you choose to exercise it and whether or not you ever choose to have children or not. You were born to lead. The world needs your abilities. - Suz


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