"ancient echoes - Lavelle"


I've known Lavelle for a really long time.

Over the years, her workbench has become one of my very favorite places to hover over while we chat. It's rich with stones and tools, little bowls of beads and crystals. When I first met Lavelle in 1988, she was carving free-flowing totems out of downed redwood. See below. :) Whatever she touches, whatever she creates becomes an extension of an ancient source of beauty rarely heard or talked about. She lives and breathes with the pulses of nature and spirit. 

The woman, the friend, and the artisan are one and the same with the heartbeat of time. 

I've purchased most of my medicine pieces (jewelry) from Lavelle over the years. I have about 3 of her copper necklaces. One of them has antler on it. I have numerous pairs of abalone earrings and wear as many of them as I have piercings, at once. So many people have asked me about my jewelry that I decided to see if she'd let me carry them in this store. I am so incredibly fortunate that she said yes!

She has an informative website, but she doesn't sell her items online. Lavelle sells her art in person, in town, at our weekly farmer and artisan markets and that's it. This store, 28 Moons, is the only place you'll find them online. Please enjoy and take in her transmission of goodness and light. - Suz