4s4w 28-Day Cycle-Tracking Moon Mandala Canvas Print

This beautiful (and helpful) moon mandala was created by master artist, Louise Abel for 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks. It's in the book and what the refrigerator magnet is designed from.

The four phases hold the energies and assignments of many aligned concepts. The concept that I choose to place onto the moon mandala depends on the project that I'm using it for.

Seasons: I liken them to the four seasons, beginning with fall as the resting phase, shedding blood in the same way that trees shed their leaves at that time. Both are the completions of the former growing cycle. 

Moon: Here, I liken the weeks to the new moon, waxing gibbous, full, and waning crescent.

Rhythms: It's easiest to describe the weeks as resting, building, expressing, and deconstructing phases.

Purpose: And finally, because the hormones are continually changing, following a predictable sequence, they provide fuel differently each week, which support our endeavors. This changing fuel serves as a remarkable navigational system within for building our lives. When we tap into what our hormones are supporting us to do during these different times, it's easy to discover that resting, attracting, leading, and focusing best cooperates in beautiful synchronization with this lunar rhythmic process. - Suz

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