Cascading Hair Chain Jewelry: Turquoise Bead and Silver or Brass Chain

Chains & Combs
  • Handmade in USA
  • Materials: clip in hair jewelry, Turquoise Bead, Silver or Brass chain color option
  • Comes packaged with instructions on how to place in hair. 


Be festival ready!

This cascading hair chain features a turquoise bead and choice of silver or brass chain.  28 Moons purchases from the artisan, Bella Via in the USA. 

Turquoise is a universal color that looks great on everyone (and all natural hair colors) and serves as a talisman for tranquility and protection. 

You'll feel beautiful wearing this hair jewelry whether at a music festival, beach gathering, or participating in a ceremony. 

One size fits all and clips into the sides. Please make note their are 3 clip colors to custom match to your hair color, which you'll be able to choose when ordering. 

NOTE: Hair jewelry is light weight and comfortable to wear.


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