Woodland Tiaras - 4 Colors

Forest Red
Elven Blue
Goddess Green
Fire Orange
All Four Woodland Tiaras

These tiaras will make you feel beautiful, focused, aligned with your rhythm, and independent.

Once upon a time, I used to make and wear dried flower hair garlands, so I was particularly drawn to these. I buy them from artisan, Anna Selene, in Spain. I chose these and had them customized to serve one week each of the female hormonal rhythm.

I chose the red one for Week 1, Fall, the Resting phase. Wear this to your Red Tent gathering or just in your home when doing a self-care ritual. Light a candle for yourself and your bloodline (ancestors). Ask for the wisdom to be extra good to you this week. 

I chose the blue one for Week 2, Winter, the Building phase. This is the time to attract all good things that you desire. The simple design of this tiara make the swarovski crystal droplet a stunning standout - like you.

I chose the green one for Week 3, Spring, the Expressing phase. This forest tiara represents the Goddess, perfect Earth/Spirit alignment and a week that is all about wise and nurturing world leadership. This is the time to tap into the examples of Mother Nature in order to connect with Source and the highest consciousness. This tiara has NO crystal. I asked Anna to not put a crystal on this one for the sole reason that we need no extra shine during this week. We are the most powerful expression in the universe, and require no reminder. To blend perfectly with nature and spirit, we must hone the ability to become ONE with both: invisible, camouflaged, yet right in plain site.

And finally, I chose the gold one with the orange swarovski crystal drop for Week 4, Summer, the Deconstructing phase. I get rid of the idea of PMS and embrace The Firewalk. This is a time of initiation and facing our fears. It is the call of survival and the focus to hone our best and most noble skills for observing, owning, and honoring ourselves.

Purchase one of these tiaras, or all four.

Wear them with skirts, capes, jeans, or nothing at all. Be Free. Be You. 

  • Handmade in Spain
  • Swarovski Drop Crystals on red, blue, and fire tiaras
  • Material: Craft leaves, wire.
  • Wire bends for easy fitting 


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