The Firewalker: Week 4, Summer by Mara Friedman

I commissioned four pieces from Mara Friedman, exclusively for 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks. I asked her to put specific aspects into the pieces, and also asked her to tap into her own  inner knowing. It was a beautiful collaboration. 

The Firewalker shows her power this week by preparing for this phase and recognizing it once she is in it. It is a time of fierce initiation---facing one's fears and sometimes fighting to survive---literally, mentally, or emotionally.

Yet, all is perfect. I get rid of the idea of PMS altogether (unless you're truly suffering with a harsher form of distress). Continuing to view this week as negative only serves to keep our gender small. Once you choose to see this week for what it really is, you'll begin to transform your experience of it with grace and ease. Every female, whether rich or poor, has been deemed worthy of this ultra-high-level medicine work. It will take high-level awareness and focus. Step into the fire. Once you get the hang of handling the heat and blocking the illusion of arrows coming at you, you'll begin to see the gifts that rise to the surface. You will feel it and know it as a true rite-of-passage. 

This is the missing piece to our gender empowerment. 

Congratulations! You are the Firewalker. I honor you. - Suz xoxo

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