Mermaid Tail Spirit Amulet

  • Fashion Pendant
  • Affordable gift
  • Beautiful vintage spoon design
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Rope Chain
  • Pendant Size: 1.5 inches/38mm
  • Any image logos/watermarks do not appear on jewelry
  • Ships from international source
  • Arrives in 12-20 days

I really love this piece and own one myself. 

The Symbolism
If you are drawn to wearing a mermaid's tail, it could mean you are being called to take a sacred journey. Perhaps it is time to dive deeper into your inner well of knowing to uncover a bit more of your authenticity and purpose, or it might be a sign that it's time to explore your community or travel the world to provide support where it is needed most.

The mermaid tail is a supercharged symbol, being both an amulet (protection) and a talisman (power, courage). It will supply you with the tools to navigate your epic adventure in the vastness of both calm and harsh waters with skill, grace, and ease. More good news is that the mermaid is a curious creature and will always make life fun and interesting.

BONUS: The beautiful vintage spoon design of this piece indicates ancestral presence. You are being recognized as the representative of a long line of people within your bloodline. In this way, you not only travel and make discoveries for yourself, but you also heal past wounds and do good things in the world for your entire lineage.

The ancients are supporting you in your efforts and have your back. Let them help you work your fins and swim a little easier. Gratitude is the key here. Saying "thank you" throughout the day will create an appreciative heart, opening your eyes further to the many opportunities being presented to you in every moment.  

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