4s4w 4xWrap Bracelet

  • sea sediment and poppy jasper beads
  • aquamarine beads
  • matte amazonite beads
  • matte onyx beads
  • black leather 
  • leather loop over sterling silver hammered button

I LOVE this bracelet and wear mine almost everyday!

This gorgeous bracelet made exclusively for 28 Moons by Bohemian Bluefish in Canada. You can't get this anywhere else. It wraps around most wrists 4 times (but no worries if it goes 3 or 5!), representing the 4 phases of the female month according to the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks approach to the hormones.

NOTE: The high quality stones are smaller than how they appear in the photos. This is a good thing because sometimes a 4-wrap can overwhelm the wrist and this one doesn't. Trim the excess leather loops if you need to. 

I chose the stones for the energetic medicine they represent. The colors are different than the other pieces in the 4s4w Jewelry Collection because it is not as much of a reminder of the phase you're in, but a deepening into the phase you're in.

All of these gemstones were chosen for their balancing properties for each particular phase.

Love and thanks - Suz 

Week 1: Resting Phase: Poppy Jasper mixed with Sea Sediment/Aqua Terra Jasper

Jasper, overall, is known as a stone that provides nurturing, bringing a sense of completeness and tranquility. Poppy Jasper is known as a "Rain Bringer", allowing flow to happen easily. It brings vitality to sluggishness where needed so that one may reap the full benefits of deep rest during this phase. The goal at this time is to reboot and refresh. Sea Sediment Jasper is said to provide protection against unwanted energies and also allows insights to flow during low times. 

Week 2: Building Phase: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra and calming properties, which is perfect for this week of communication and speaking clearly and from the heart! This will help you to slow down and make mindful decisions as you go through this phase of saying "yes!' to everything. It's also a true treasure and amulet of mermaids, the ones who attract all and mesmerize with their beauty, as well as a stone of eternal youth and happiness.

Week 3: Expressing Phase: Matte Amazonite

Legend has it that Amazonite is the stone of the warrior women, the ancient Amazon tribe of Brazil. They embedded this stone into their shields and also used it for curing illnesses and healing wounds. This is the phase that begins with, what I feel is the most powerful rhythm in the universe, ovulation, and continues as a week of balanced and inclusive leadership by women. Make a headdress while you're at it. 


Week 4: Deconstructing Phase (The Firewalk): Matte Onyx

I cannot find a stone more perfect for the Firewalk phase than Onyx. It is the stone that can handle going into dark places and providing support and protection as you face your fears and find your ceremony. Once there, Onyx is there as a stabilizer for finding one's  center and aligning with it. It is often used as a talisman for strength and self-mastery.



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