Etched Antler Pipes

  • Each pipe is unique and one-of-a-kind
  • Deer antler, naturally shed
  • Master crafted by "ancient echoes - Lavelle"
  • Shipped from Oregon
  • Comes with a pouch of Kinnick-Kinnick
  • Scroll page for more info


Lavelle creates these pipes with carved deer antler, and sometimes crystal or amber. She places them in the center of an energetic crystal circle to receive nature's generating forces through sun, moon, stars, and sky.

The deer teaches us to use the power of gentleness to touch the heart and mind of one's self and others. the hole patterns in the antler represent space outside of time. The holes are in various number patterns to stimulate recall of dimensional wisdom.

I am greatly honored to be offering Lavelle's carved pipes. She doesn't make that many anymore, so it's really special when she does. I will only be carrying these sacred pieces as she makes them available to me. - Suz

Special care instructions:

  • Do not expose to water or sauna.
  • To clean: Remove screen with tweezers. Light a flame under the screen to remove the resin. Use pipe cleaners with clear grain alcohol (the kind you drink, not the kind you use for First Aid) to clean the stem.

I love hearing Lavelle speak about the magic that goes into her creations: Only she can truly convey the power and beauty of each piece. 

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