Spiral Viking Beads- Small

  • Master crafted in Finland
  • Sold per one bead 
  • Approximate bead length: 2 ½ cm (~0.984 inches)
  • Material: 18 gauge aluminum wire (very light)
  • Patina: hypoallergenic acrylic paint & organic spruce resin
  • Shipped from Oregon

They are super tiny and light, but mighty! I sell them as single beads, because I've found that oftentimes, this is all someone needs if they wear a variety of beads in their hair. If giving as a gift, one of these beads is not only affordable, but a stunning, standout power piece. 

So, you have options here. Buy one or buy several.   

Viking Energy: If you are drawn to Viking lore, it's probably because you admire the strength and bravery it takes to go after something. By wearing this piece, you'll be making a statement of strength and bravery, embodying the energy that it takes to go after something you want.

Here's a quick tutorial to how to place them: 


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