Spiral Viking Hair Bead Long

  • Master crafted in Finland
  • Sold per ONE bead
  • Approximate bead length: 6 cm (~2.36 inches)
  • Material: 18 gauge golden aluminum wire (very light)
  • Patina: hypoallergenic acrylic paint & organic spruce resin
  • Ships from Oregon, USA


There is great power in bringing a bit of the Old World into your modern day existence. 

source these beautiful spirals directly from the artisan in Helsinki, Finland, who handcrafts them one at a time. 

They are perfect for hairstyles such as braids and dreadlocks, as well as for long, thick beards, Just twist the hair around them and into place.

Walk in your ancient knowing by wearing two or more of these pieces.  I sell them as single beads in order to give you options. Just one may be enough to give just the right feeling and accent. If giving as a gift, one bead is not only affordable, but also a stunning, stand alone power piece that your friend will appreciate and find to be quite special. 

Colors: silver new, silver aged, gold new, gold aged, and black. 

Viking Energy: If you are drawn to Viking lore, it's probably because you admire the strength and bravery it takes to go after something. By wearing any of these Viking pieces, you'll be making a statement of strength and bravery, embodying the energy that it takes to go after something you want.

Here's a quick tutorial to how to place them: 

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