The Ultimate Bundle! Signed Copy

Get all three!

  • Book: 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks
  • Workbook: 4s4w Daily Tracker and Journal
  • Cycle-Tracking Magnet with 2 game pieces

This is an ideal package. Includes:

  1. 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks: Awakening the Power, Wisdom, and Beauty in Every Woman’s Nature
    • The book: 304 pages of beautiful images and teachings, describing 4 distinct phases of the female hormonal lunar rhythm. Has info for men as well.
  2. 4s4w Daily Tracker and Journal: a Companion Guide
    • This tracking journal is two months worth of tracking with the 4s4w system.
  3. The Cycle-Tracking Magnet
    • Attach to the refrigerator and place a game piece on your Day 1. Move along each day. Comes with 2 game pieces for 2 females in the household or for you to have an extra. By tracking your cycle with this magnet, you’re not only helping yourself but helping your partner to align with you as well. For couples, this helps to align with your female rhythmic sex drive.

 Book is signed by the author!


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