4s4w Cycle-Specific Jewelry

These pieces are handmade exclusively for 28 Moons and the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (4s4w) approach to the hormones. 

Each piece has 4 phases to it and the gemstones or glass beads were chosen specifically to match their energetic properties with the energetic wisdom of each particular cycle phase.

Wear them because you think they are pretty, or wear them in order to take your 4s4w cycle-tracking to a whole new level. They are intended to remind you to stop and tap into your lunar rhythm; to remember how amazing you are because you are a female.

Consider these pieces to be discreet and personal ceremonial pieces that can be worn daily or often. If you choose one of the charm bracelets, know that they are intended to be worn one charm at a time, reminding yourself and your partner of the phase/week you are in. The charms can also be clipped to a necklace chain or clipped to a ribbon strung across your bath or bedroom mirror. 

Here's the most important thing to know: every single piece of jewelry in this collection first began as a vision inspired by requests or ideas from readers of 4s4w who wanted more support items to go with their 4s4w cycle-tracking. The charms were inspired by a reader who sent me a picture of the beads she laid out for her husband during each phase. He's then look up that bead color in the ManGuide within 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks.

These simple and sometimes casual bracelets are on the spendy side because not only are they made with expensive materials, but also because each and every bead was meticulously chosen for its properties, beauty, and feel by me and each skilled artisan who created them. We spent days (and sometimes weeks) choosing just the right beads and each artisan listened carefully to learn about the importance of what they were making. 

Another thing to note is that we don't make very many pieces of each design we create, because there is no way to know whether we can continue to get the same materials. So if you love it, make it yours now.

I sincerely hope these beauties will bring you joy and connection to your primal rhythm - the remarkable fuel of your hormones that guide you throughout each day.

~ Suz xoxo



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