Week 1, Fall, The Resting Phase

This collection contains items chosen or created to support you during your Week 1, Fall phase, which is your RESTING phase.

I know you don't think you have time to rest, but you MUST.

If you don't get rest here, it can  mess up your energy for your whole month. I'm not trying to instill fear---I want you to really get this. This is your self-care week. Personal, internal time. 

In the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks approach to the hormones, this is your bleeding time, or period, or "on your moon" and represents the new moon energy: internal. You are not ill, as your body is just doing what it is naturally supposed to do. Go ahead and take care of your responsibilities such as children and /or career, but do absolutely NOTHING MORE than that---no extra errands or volunteering.

It is VITAL that you rest at this time as much as possible. It will be up to you to train those around you to honor your self-care time and be supportive of it. 

You might also recognize this time as your Red Tent or Moon Lodge time. Create a small space and a ritual that will help you make this a monthly practice that you don't miss.

When you rest well, your best visions for your life will step forward. I promise.