Week 2, Winter, The Building Phase

This collection contains items chosen or created to support you during your Week 2m Winter phase, which is your BUILDING phase. 

You are becoming the light.

In the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks approach to the hormones, this is the week that represents all of the amazing stuff that is going on in your womb space that you can't feel. Just like winter, not much appears to be happening on the surface, but below ground the seeds are germinating. In your case, your uterine lining is building and thickening, creating a "nest" for a possible pregnancy, and your eggs are maturing, hoping to be the ONE that will drop at ovulation. 

During this week, you are building everything in your life during this week and have the energy and attitude to love everyone and everything. You are scientifically growing in beauty at this time because your primal body wants to attract a mate. 

Dr. Rebecca Booth wrote a book about this phase called "The Venus Week."

This week relates to the waxing, gibbous moon; the moon phase that is building in light before it gets full.