Week 3, Spring, The Expressing Phase

This collection contains items chosen or created to support you during your Week 3, Spring phase, which is your EXPRESSING phase. 

In the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks approach to the hormones, this week actually has two important parts to it: Ovulation, and just-after Ovulation (Reflection). Both relate to mothering. 

Ovulation represents full moon energy.

You are at your most ready state for conceiving and you are magnificent! Post-ovulation includes the days following ovulation, which is has a waiting aspect to it because your body doesn't know if you're pregnant or not. If fertilization of your egg happens, then that wad of genetics has to travel for many days to reach and imbed itself into the uterine lining or "nest", which will then signal a hormone to announce a pregnancy. This has a time limit, and if no hormone announces a pregnancy, then your feel-good hormones have to tank and your uterine nest would begin to dismantle. The waiting phase is a time for sitting high on your throne and has a world mother aspect to it. Here, you are reflective and overseeing, making balanced decisions and displaying outstanding leadership skills.