3 Important Reasons to Track Your Cycle

February 14, 2017

3 Important Reasons to Track Your Cycle


Do you love your cycle?

Most women I speak with, don't. Between unpredictable bleeding, feeling challenged during the week before that bleeding, partners accusing us of mood-swings, and contraception options that suck, our reproductive bodies often feel like the enemy rather than the loving friend. 

Do you feel as though there are few great days in your month?

I'm here to tell you that, with just a little knowledge and practice, you can turn this whole thing around. And I mean it.

Within you lives a remarkable compass for living an extraordinary life; a natural rhythm that supports a well-rounded thought process and healthy lifestyle without you having to do much of anything except awaken it, remember it, and actually align with it. 

It's not an overnight cure. The first thing you must do is truly reject everything you ever learned about your cycle, except the science of the hormonal landscape. Keep that part. The rest is based on lies and abuse created by the patriarchy over time to disempower women and your feminine lineage.

We owe it to our great-grandmother ancestors to stop this sacrilege right now and put our amazing cycles back on the royal thrones where they belong.

So here's the thing: You don't have mood swings and you aren't crazy. You're lunar rhythmic.

It's a sacred geometry thing.

In the same way the moon rests, builds, fully expresses, and declines in light, our monthly cycles show us how to rest, create, lead, and survive. Once we tap into and align with this predictable rhythm, our lives become easier, because we're going with the current of what our primal bodies are doing, rather than fighting against it without knowing it. 

The way to tap into and align with your cycle is to first begin tracking everyday with brief notes. I have some free tracking charts here. Unlike Fertility Awareness Method practices (which I highly suggest learning), 4s4w does not track for contraception or fertility. The purpose of 4s4w is to understand your patterns and make mindful decisions each day for your health and wellbeing. 4s4w uses symbolism and the wisdom of your primal body to understand your female power better. 

You can get into deeper specifics about this with the book, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks, but for now, let me give you 3 reasons why it's important to track your monthly rhythm.

We'll go with a mind, body, spirit analogy for easy-sake.

1) Mind

I'm surprised at how many women tell me that, once they learned how to "feel" their rhythm and make decisions by it, they didn't feel crazy anymore. Feeling crazy is not something anyone wants to admit to feeling. And mostly, I don't think they even knew they had been feeling that way until they began to know what "balanced" felt like!

Your sanity matters. Joy and health is the norm that you should be feeling most days. 

2) Body

Your cycle is about reproduction, which means it affects your sexuality. Guess what? You have a rhythmic sex drive! There is a total rhyme and reason as to why you love to be touched a certain way one day, and not so much a few days later. It's totally predicable. It's my experience that as women, we are sexual all of the time, but how we want to be touched is totally different from week-to-week.

THIS will make a huge difference in how you relate with your romantic partner if that romantic partner will align with you. 

3) Spirit

We still, do not have full equal respect, but we have come SOOO far in regard to women's rights. We now have female surgeons and heads of Fortune 500 companies. But we are still having to fight the archaic attitudes in regard to being in charge of our own bodies.

This is the missing piece to our empowerment.

I do not believe we will ever have political or cultural power over our wombs until we fall in love with our womb's power. 

When we track our patterns and begin to see the phenomenal wisdom of our cycles, we begin to fall in love with our wombs and female essences. When we learn how to walk with the rhythm of our cycles, we feel truly in charge of our futures.

I thought I was empowered before, but I realized, that mastering the experience of my monthly lunar rhythm gave me a freedom I had never known. I began to make better decisions in all of my relationships, with myself and others.

It's important that we learn it ourselves in order to teach and be examples for the girls coming up behind us. It's important to learn this before stepping through menopause, in order to make that experience easier.

And one more thing I learned: this rhythm doesn't leave us at menopause. It just become more gentle.

Here's to your beautiful journey, with love and thanks,


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