Either Way, You're Voting for Abortion

May 14, 2019

Either Way, You're Voting for Abortion

As I continue to say…getting rid of legal abortion is a vote for back-alley abortion.

Either way, you're voting for abortion.

Saying that you're "against" abortion insinuates that others are "for" abortion. That's absurd. People are "for" legal abortion rather than back-alley abortion.  Being "against" abortion and voting to make it illegal does not make it go away. 

What it DOES do is throw women further into poverty or keep them in situations where they are perhaps, financially dependent on abusive partners.

For clarity or reminder:

Pro-Choice: This is not a pro-abortion stance, nor does it promote abortion. It supports whatever is right for the wellbeing of the woman or teen, including having children or adopting-out. It is a position that believes these issues are between a woman, a couple, and a doctor, or anyone else she wishes to include. This is a position that supports personal sovereignty & privacy. It respects females, & believes every woman has the right to make final decisions about her own body, as well as the right to be informed about her options without guilt, propaganda, or persuasion.

The Pro-Choice position is in favor of legal abortion over back-alley abortion, which is, ultimately, what it comes down to. The reason it became legal, to begin with, is because females were showing up to hospital ERs after being butchered by back-alley abortionists or dying by taking coat-hangers to themselves or drinking caustic chemicals to terminate. We already know what illegality does. Do the current assaulting states and supporters believe the outcome will be different?

The constant harassment of women, the chipping away at this issue since 1973, is not only a huge waste of financial resources that could be used for helping, let's say, the homeless (since people are dying or deteriorating on the streets) but is also sanctioned sexual harassment by a political party that is bought off by a well-funded cult of Puritans who have symbolic gender gang rape on the brain because they simply believe women deserve to be punished. I was once reminded by a female family member that Eve ate the apple, so it is our lot in life to suffer to pay for her sins. I’m sure the Puritans of today would burn us at the stake like their predecessors if given the chance. They do not believe women are moral enough or capable of making these kinds of big people decisions. I guess they've forgotten that God gave the reproductive job to women, along with the direct line to the wisdom it takes, and btw…put the wombs inside of their bodies to make sure it was protected from predators. I'm pretty sure God didn't make a mistake nor needs anyone's help in translating that intention of the female design.

Pro-Choice also protects the right to:

  • contraception
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology such as In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Artificial Insemination
  • have as many children as one would like—even when our cities are over-populated and our environment is stressed for resources.

Contraception has already taken the hit with pharmacies and insurance companies being allowed to refuse to provide it and some religions have always been against it anyway, including vasectomies. Many believe that Assisted Reproductive Technology is not acceptable because it is not a natural form of conception between a man and a woman. I predict it will be a way to refuse service to the LGBTQ communities—a backdoor slam to those who wish to have children.  And finally, there will come a time when overpopulation needs attention and the number of children one has will be challenged. There has always been a zero-population faction who support one child to replace one parent and this position will become more and more valid as our environmental conditions become dire. I believe that will become a more popular public opinion at some point. 

In summary, the Pro-Choice stance allows reproductive freedom for everyone. In your private life, you may not like what one group is doing, but you are entitled to do what you want without being forced to do something you're not comfortable with. In public service, your desires will be protected.

Females are the carriers of the sacred medicine. One womb per female and each in charge of her own. Are you a female who feels you have the right to dictate another woman's womb by voting against her? That would mean the rest of us would have the right to override your voice about your body and future. Be careful what you ask for. You have freedoms because the brave women before us suffered so that each of us could have a sovereign voice, including you.

Don't have one because you're a male and feel you know better than women? You haven't bled for one week out of every month since you were 10, walking the initiation that prepares and earns you the right to be in charge of the womb. It's time you focus on your sacred seeds and start teaching other men about how to be responsible with theirs, and maybe start encouraging vasectomies.

Sexuality. love, contraception, pregnancy, health, and day-to-day lives are complicated issues. The people involved in the individual relationships are the only ones capable of making decisions regarding their personal issues. Anyone else is being a hurtful, invasive busy-body at best who could be using their energy to actually make a difference by babysitting for free while parents go to work.

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