Assaulting the Feminine: An Assault on Liberty and Justice Everywhere

October 02, 2018

Assaulting the Feminine: An Assault on Liberty and Justice Everywhere


In all the years I've been advocating for women's sovereignty, sadly, this is by far the best image I've seen that represents the need for heroic change. It shows what is wrong and what is abused by ignorance and arrogance. It offers what is not valued and what is taken, not only in this country but all over the world.

The Patriarchal assault on Women and the Feminine is an assault on liberty and justice everywhere.

For starters, any effort to regulate and decide how women may manage their personal lives and bodies is a symbolic hand over the gender mouth; a holding down of all females until the voters make that determination (including, weirdly enough, other women who seem to have no understanding or do not care that they are voting against themselves). There will be no listening to "the collective her" screams or struggles while she lay terrified, trying to figure out her escape route or awaiting her fate as is it discussed among the self-perceived morally superior. Instead, it is she who is forced to listen, to hear the perverted laughter and name calling by the men standing over her, salivating and erecting as they vow to make this societal gender rape and ownership legal for at least another generation.

But it's more than this. Much more. Any attempt to quiet the Feminine is an attack on all we think of as feminine, such as the environment, teaching children (education), and the home & hearth issues: homelessness, hunger, and healthcare, doing to them (or not caring for them) as the ego-driven of the day pleases.

Hold the Feminine down, and the Patriarchal hard-on thrives and lasts longer. 

Blind debauchery, hazing, and pillaging as they go, The Ruling pirates have no vision of the greater good or sustainable and holistic well-roundedness or even a grasp that they are committing global suicide, taking the planet and all of us down with them. They are an undeserving idolized gang of the religious extreme and sexually-imbalanced who have been given free reign and entitlement for far too long. They aren't used to hearing "no," therefore cry and spontaneously combust out of shock and disbelief when they meet resistance. 

Protectors they are not. 

Hurting the Feminine holds the entire world structure down and continues to create an uncertain future for our children. Liberty and Justice mean safety, freedom, and honor for everyone and Democracy gives us the ability to be in charge. That's the beauty. These boys are not our leaders; they are our representatives. It's time that each of us says "no more" to what we've all been held hostage to. Take the hand of Patriarchy off your mouth and use your voice. Vote 'em out at every opportunity with your choices, words, and dollars. 

The Feminine is the most crucial player in Sacred Law. Her balancing medicine is a requirement for all to function in wholeness and w/holiness. She is a hologram of Creation itself. She may get bruised and battered, belittled and bartered, but within the universal geometry, she reigns supreme. The Queen Bee. Mother Nature. Mother Goddess. Mother Mary. Hurting her and holding her down is a sacrilege; a self-destructive act of dishonor and shameful stupidity. 

Patriarchy will never be on the honorable side of history. It only serves to keep everything and everyone at war: suffering, stressed, scared, and vulnerable.

Stand tall, Sisters, Daughters, Brothers, and Sons. Be brave and call her forward. Protect her as if the life she gave to you depends on it.

It does.




Read More about women's history and what you can do to align with a positive future. :)







Suzanne Mathis McQueen

Author, Speaker, Facilitator


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