How the Day After a Big Event Relates to Ovulation

July 05, 2018

How the Day After a Big Event Relates to Ovulation

I want to share a truth for me today, along with a 4s4w example.

I want to show you how the day after a big event relates to ovulation. 

Yesterday, the 4th of July, was a big day in our town. We do up holidays from early morning 'til late at night. It's a time when our community comes together in a spirit of unity.

I was in co-charge of a huge, fun entry in our big local parade. We planned and practiced for months. Then, the big day came. We won first place and we (and the crowd) all had a great time!

Today, I'm feeling down and depressed. I'm tired. I'm reflective. I need rest.

Maluhia. Image by Mara Friedman

Yet, I know it's a phase. It's temporary. It's the natural, rhythmic flow of sacred geometry and how phases work.

I want to take you through how this relates to the 4 phases the female cycle - your monthly body clock.

The planning phase of this parade entry (my co-creator and I meeting up to talk about if, how, and why we would do a parade entry and what we would do exactly) relates to your RESTING PHASE---your bleeding or new moon phase. This is the time to be inward, receiving visions and dreaming about your life.

The action phase of this parade entry (the gathering of the people, the renting of the sound system, the parade entry fee, and the practices) relates to your BUILDING PHASE. The Building phase is about attracting and making your life happen while your hormones are building up the uterine lining and maturing eggs in order to be ready for Ovulation, the big event. 

The day of the big event,  (the parade, the huge party, the manifestation of all that had been planned and built), relates to the FULL EXPRESSION PHASE and specifically, OVULATION. It's what the planning and building were all about. Your Resting and Building phases (Week 1 & 2) are there to support Ovulation. It's the reason for all of the monthly fuss. Ovulation is the big event, the huge party, the manifestation.

But here's a subtlety that I what I want to point out: Just like the day after a big event (in this case, the parade and our entry, but could be any holiday or wedding or party), the day after Ovulation creates a huge slide in energy until it reaches a dip. Your estrogen has taken a dive after triggering Ovulation, and your progesterone is spiking/rising, but not high yet. I call it the Chalice Cup. The V shape in the hormonal landscape that is divinely feminine. The rest rewarded for sacred work.

Not only does Ovulation take a ton of physical energy (as does the opposite bleeding phase), but it also takes a lot of unseen mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. It's the big event that packs a major amount of meaning. Regarding reproduction, you're either wanting to be pregnant or doing everything to prevent pregnancy. And...keep in mind that Ovulation isn't JUST about reproduction. It's about producing your life. How have you been planning and building it? Ultimately, how is it turning out? How is it manifesting? The day after Ovulation is the down day, the rest day, your exhaustion day, the day for major reflection on how your life is going day. More minutely, it's the day to reflect on how you visioned and how you took action on your life during this specific cycle month. It's asking you to review how the first half of your cycle went.

Of course, and this is not a cliché', there are no right or wrong answers, just reflection and observation. Please learn from it. Your higher self is teaching you something here.

When you feel this dip halfway through your cycle, honor it. My suggestion is to not try to pump up your energy unless you need to do so for work. I say, take a self-care day or two (with or without your family, keeping the home mellow), rest, and know that this is a gift, an opportunity asking you to tap into your wisdom and allow the answers to come.

Your body clock hands you everything, every day, on a silver platter if you'll allow it to.

Opposites are big in the 4s4w approach to the hormones. As I alluded to above, this day (or two) after Ovulation happens opposite of your resting/bleeding phase. They are twin sisters with opposite gifts.

The remaining days of Week 3 are lucky enough to be infused with that now risen yummy, nurturing and calming progesterone and your world leader is activated. She stands tall. Look out into the world and see the balance. Speak and act from your highest self here. You are at your highest hormonal peak before hitting Week 4, your Firewalk, which is a whole other conversation, the final land to walk through before bleeding/resting again.

So today, after an actual big event (the parade), I will take the lessons learned from the big event of Ovulation, and remind myself that I have a rhythmic body with temporary phases. I will rest and allow myself to feel the feelings, to reflect, to release, and honor. And tomorrow or the next day, my energy and enthusiasm will return.

This I now know.

Firecracker Queens featured image compliments of Ann Wilton,

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