6 Steps for Taking Care of Yourself During Your Moon Time

November 22, 2017

6 Steps for Taking Care of Yourself During Your Moon Time

  1. Prepare as you lead up to it
    1. Eat cleanly. Less sugar and grains, more digestible protein and nurturing broths
    2. Clear your calendar where possible
    3. Start going to bed earlier
  2.  Rest
    1. Rest when you can and as much as possible
    2. Make sure to get enough dark time. It’s important for your body rhythms.
    3. Eat nourishing, easy to digest food. See #1
  3. Ritua
    1. Take a bubble or essential oil bath ~ make it beautiful and healing
    2. Watch a movie that you love, that is inspiring and healing
    3. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself good feedback; kind self-talk
    4. Read a good book
    5. Allow yourself to have down time without guilt.
    6. Go offline
  1. Avoid
    1. Avoid going on the extra errand
    2. Avoid computer screen time
  2. Honor
    1. Honor yourself and your ancestors – your bloodline
    2. Acknowledge the gifts your lineage passed on to you
  3. Take Note of Your Visions
    1. Note insights that come to you when feeling well rested
    2. Plans
    3. Dreams
    4. Ideas
  4. Give Thanks
    1. For the phenomenal design and function of your female body
    2. For being gifted with the hardest and highest level job out there.


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