The Problem You’re Seeking Solutions For is Not the Problem

July 23, 2018

The Problem You’re Seeking Solutions For is Not the Problem

The Problem You’re Seeking Solutions For is Not the Problem

Are you “at One” with your cycle? In a state of bliss?

If not, it’s not your fault and you’re not alone.

The vast majority of reproductive-age women I speak with are struggling with their cycles in some way, whether it’s physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, socially, politically, spiritually, or naturally.

You’ve probably researched solutions. You're buying and trying new teas or superfoods to fix the problem, or looking for the magic bullet to make it all go away.  You may have had your hormones checked and things are pretty much fine, but now what? You may be on the Pill to regulate the ups and downs, but it’s taken you even further away from your natural cycle and (possibly) sex drive, and you (smartly & consciously) wonder about its long-term affects. 

Woman making tea

You’ve bought books you haven’t read.

You may have even tracked your temperature and mucous for fertility or contraceptive purposes, which puts you ahead of most by understanding your cycle pretty well. I congratulate you on this—It’s a great start and phenomenal tool to keep in your hip pocket at all times. Still, “Blissful” wouldn’t exactly describe how you feel after understanding this aspect of your cycle either. Competent, knowledgeable, and hopeful may be more like it.

  1. chart and thermometer

So, here’s the real problem: The problem that you’re seeking solutions for is not the problem. Because of this, your well-meant searching is hitting dead ends or taking you down the wrong path.

Your repeating monthly hormonal cycle is not the problem. 

The problem is that we’ve been told it’s the problem and pretty much every culture in the world has it’s own version of why it’s a problem, which is based on major ignorance and arrogance from patriarchal claims about the cycle and the desire to dominate it and women. These incorrect and denigrating lack-of-understandings are deeply and generationally entrenched in our social fabric and over time, have become the "accepted" truth about the cycle and thereby, women. So again, the problem is not the cycle (it's doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing) but how we've been taught to think about the cycle, and therefore, ultimately, how we've been taught to think about ourselves. We are deeply affected at the core of what physically makes us female, and therefore, keeps our naturally strong centers in a state of off-balance, personally and as a gender. The patriarchal arrow hit its bullseye a long time ago and we have not yet recovered. 

upset woman covering her eyes

But there’s an even bigger problem than this: We may have lost our equilibrium by how we think about ourselves, but the ACTUAL problem is what we never learned, which is the powerful FEMALE VERSION---the incredible feminine lineage story of how to be in alignment with this monthly cycle rhythm---the high calibrating tools needed to manage our monthly body clocks. It is the education we didn't receive and therefore did not learn and the wisdom that wasn't passed down from our mothers, aunties, and grandmothers because they didn't know either.

As the author of 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks. I'm on a mission to change the way the world views women by correcting the self-destructive story that we, as a gender, carry within our minds and bodies on a daily basis about our minds and bodies.

It's a self-defeating tale, one that keeps us vulnerable, as well as from reaching our fullest potential, no matter how seemingly empowered we are. It keeps us from fervently and naturally defending ourselves, saying NO to those who wish to control or take advantage of us, because not only is it a travesty that we have to, but because we're not completely convinced we deserve to. 

worried woman contemplating

I talk to women every single day about hormones and reproduction, but what they don't really know is that we're actually talking about our lost language. It doesn’t matter if they are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, kick-butt stay-at-home family manager moms, yoga Goddesses teaching in Bali, or students living in Small Town Anywhere-in-the-World. Most women are not BLISSFUL about their hormonal bodies! Period! Nor do they (unless they've been involved in Red Tent or-the-like ceremonies), have any sort of clue about what’s even slightly wonderful or important about their cycle rhythms on a daily basis and in regard to their day-to-day experiences.

I’m convinced that what we haven’t been taught about our wombs (whether you still have one or not, and whether you’re still cycling or not) is the missing piece to our empowerment. We cannot protect what we do not love!

The Missing Piece to Female Empowerment

And yes, when our gender is STILL experiencing high rates of domestic violence, sex trafficking, rape, poverty, not-equal pay, challenges over birth control and period product costs (shall I go on?), we have a major problem with our empowerment! We have a major problem with having little power over how much power others have over us and our bodies.

It's a dominance thing that has been playing out for thousands of years in various ways, from the hunter-gatherers to the major religions, to the sociobiologists, to the political leaders who sell out and throw us under the bus. All succeeded in convincing men and women that females are weaker, dumber, not trustworthy, less moral, and in religious realms, evil, because (fill-in-the-blank), 1) Eve ate the apple, 2) they are the weaker sex, 3) they are sluts and seducers that make men do bad things, 4) they belong in the kitchen, and/or 5) when they aren't making babies they are preventing an Einstein from being born—whatever! There's no winning for women. It's a damned if you do and damned if you don't set up.

All systems with a patriarchal foundation have succeeded in dominating women not because women are inferior, but because females are easy to kick and take advantage of when they are busy taking care of biz—children, parents, school, family and business matters—while often also physically and mentally compromised with heavy bleeding, or pregnancy or nursing babies or attending to toddlers or teens—all high-alert demands on their mind and body frequencies, especially if they are financially dependent or struggling to make ends meet. Females of reproductive age are flat-out too busy and too tired to be fighting against those who are supposed to be their Protectors. While females are fierce mama bears who will do what it takes when threatened, their energy serves a higher calling. Dominators who continually poke and prod are wasting the energy of these Treasures/Creators/Connectors and thereby, are wasting the greater potential of the human species. Dominators are low-level pests at best, perverts obsessed with controlling female sexuality and unable to mind their own business. These are "healthy living" disruptors with unfortunately, big muscles and big dollars in high places.

Donald Trump signing global gag rule

Patriarchy is not natural, it's a betrayal of nature and a sacrilege to the sacred temple holders—the women. It's a dishonoring of the superpowers women possess and the contributions they make to keep the human species alive.

As a female, you are a pretty darn big deal.

Yet, no amount of fundraising, lobbying, protesting, or wearing the t-shirt is going to fix the societal brainwashing if deep down inside, your emotions are questioning what you deserve or how you should be treated. 

We can’t depend on the courts, politicians, and clergy to protect us (women or girls) from harm when they are the powerhouses who maintain the patriarchal machine, especially final-word structures such as the Supreme Court of the United States. More importantly, even if they did protect us, we still wouldn't be standing in our core power—being in Bliss about our femaleness—not until we learn the FEMALE VERSION of our cycles and build the skills to align with our lunar waves; to reclaim and maintain our core balance. I continue to believe that we will never have sustaining political or cultural power over our wombs until we fall in love with our womb’s power!

The only thing that is going to fix this clusterf**k is our allegiance to our own bodies and boundaries. This takes the clarity and courage to not betray ourselves by allowing others to assume control of our sovereignty, to not allow our reproductive decisions to be taken from us and bartered away for personal, political, cultural, and religious gain. It is our divine responsibility to not allow others to pimp out our bodies and futures to zealots at the voting booth, to not steal from us what is ours to maintain. 

The Solution

Only by returning to the path of our feminine language will we find our way home. We can learn to awaken within us what our bodies already know—what our indigenous ancestors knew so well: that our wombs are powerful and remarkable navigational systems within that follow a logical, predictable sequence, and guide us to make optimal decisions in every aspect of our lives, every single day.

It is here where we find alignment, where we are "at One" with our cycles and therefore, ourselves. It is from this place that we make things happen and call the shots in the world regarding our female bodies and souls. 

It is here where we find the Bliss of being in our complete and sacred power—the language of our female core and the wisdom of our ancestral lineage. A truth that can never be taken away from us when we walk steadily in its footsteps. - Suz xo


Want to know how to walk in alignment with your monthly cycle rhythm? GO HERE


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