The Perfect Kiss

February 14, 2018 1 Comment

The Perfect Kiss

Is it possible to name the perfect kiss? 

It all comes down to personal preference and opinion of course, but the perfect kiss does have to meet certain subtle criteria:

  • It has to be transformational, not routine, even when two people master it to the point of becoming their routine. Once it is taken for granted, it is no longer the perfect kiss.
  • It has to cause both parties to experience momentary paralysis—the kind that causes the mind to forget everything—as if zapped by a slow and tantalizing stun gun. 
  • The perfect kiss is tender, bonding, and reassuring, creating a simple understanding and feeling of ONENESS.

I know such a kiss, and I call it:

The Plant

This kiss is dazzling for so many reasons, even though the name isn't all that inspiring. First off, although simple in concept, it is rather tricky to get right and you'll rarely see it done well. That's because it needs to be executed slowly, deliberately, and mindfully with one's positive and total focus zeroed in on his or her person-of-affection (poa), even if the poa is unaware that the kiss is coming. This is a kiss that makes time stand still, even if for just a nano-second. It's perfect, because it is perfectly planted.

The Technique

The Plant is a smooth kiss that lands exactly right in every way—not too hard, not too light, not too sloppy or off-kilter. It lasts not too long nor too short. This is not a make-out session, just an affectionate meeting of the lips that pauses just enough to enjoy it before it's gone. It's easier and more intimate if a hand cradles the face or neck in order to be sure the passion anchors itself well. Eyes close for just the perfect beat while the breath relaxes and slightly sighs. Before parting, both pairs of lips pucker and melt together, then release with a discreet, tasting sound. A knowing smile (and possibly a wink) follows.

It's pretty delicious.

The Plant is the foundational, romantic kiss for several approaches that we'll explore a little later (you'll see). It is the kiss that lingers on one's lips for a day, and sometimes a lifetime. Done in the right place at the right time, it can be absolutely unforgettable. Watch any of the classic Robert Redford movies and you'll see how its done.

The Plant is the most wonderful kiss of all for saying hello and goodbye to one's partner. My friends, Moriah and Jedediah totally have this down. Last time I was around them I got to thinking about my own experiences with this kiss (and the reason for this blog). I remember the first time I witnessed a man greeting his wife with this kiss, and I remember the first time I received it myself. Both took me by surprise and both instances stopped me in my tracks. WOW. I felt mine on my lips for weeks.

The Importance

The Plant can be shared between casual intimates, but take caution: This one creates feelings that are hard to shake and even harder to forget. This is a kiss that speaks the language of meaning. A better use of this one would be between committed couples or people who would like to take their relationship to the next level. When done with mindfulness, appreciation, and gratitude for the other, this kiss may serve as both aphrodisiac and good medicine for a long and close relationship. 

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I look forward to it!

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March 31, 2018

Beautiful darling, just beautiful and urrisistable.

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